Technology in Education

Across GIIS campuses, the administration employs a host of innovative technologies to aid in delivering an optimal experience to students, parents, and teachers alike. With the goal of preparing children for the complexities of our contemporary society, where technology is an important part of everyday life, GIIS implements the best into every aspect of the classroom and campus experience.

Rapidly evolving global economies and industries demand relevant skills from young graduates. Using technology at the school-level not only enables our students to develop vital technical skills demanded by employers today, but also enriches their overall learning experience.

Some examples of the technologies we use in learning and assessment include the following.


Equipped with several advanced features, the myGIIS Edu ERP automates all key business processes for the school with the aim to drive seamless collaboration among different stakeholders, perform statistical analysis of student performance, evaluate interdisciplinary assignments, and oversee adherence to administrative guidelines.

7S Analysis

Developed by GCEE, the 7S Analysis tool provides in-depth, continuous assessment of academic performance of our students. This technological innovation allows teachers to identify a student's individual strengths and weaknesses, providing timely support when it is needed to drive success and bring consistency to a student’s performance across classes.

E-Content in Smart Boards

Select classrooms across GIIS campuses are equipped with Smart Boards, which provide our teachers the ability to teach in a dynamic and interactive way. Several research reports suggest that the use of smart boards stimulates interactivity and collaboration, while promoting creativity and learning across the curriculum.

Through each of these disruptive technologies, our teachers and administrators are better able to target instructions to the individual needs of students at GIIS, alongside improving collaboration between our staff and parents.

To learn more about how technology aids the learning experience at GIIS, contact our advisors and schedule a tour of our campus today!